Wednesday, January 7, 2009

103 and other Things

Bonus points if you get the reference.

I'm really tired. I feel like I just walked in the door and it's already 9 something. The good news is that we received our rent refund today--$610 of the $650, which isn't bad, though I did leave a message for the company because they said the $40 was for a "left behind table on the porch". Um, we have our table, and when I turned in the keys, there was nothing on the porch. Anyway, the moral of the story is that coupled with my paycheck, which was bigger than expected, and all the overtime Justin has gotten and will be getting this month, we'll likely be getting a DSLR camera this month! Yay!

I also have some other exciting news, but I'm not at liberty to share just yet. And no, it's not what you think.

Anyway, I was looking through some old band photos today...the band has been asked to allow a song of theirs to be on a CD that benefits a hospital in Uganda, which is pretty awesome. I wish that I could post it on here, but you can only do video. Maybe I'll figure something out. Anyway, I needed to submit a picture with the song for the CD booklet. Let me tell you, it is HARD to find a picture where at least one person isn't making a stupid face. Out of countless pictures I've taken, there were maybe two usable ones where every member was in the picture and looked normal. Anyway, I did come across a couple of good pictures though...

I think Ryan looks like a rockstar in this picture. Someday, if I ever do photography for real, this is so going in my portfolio.

This one was right before moving a concert inside due to weather. I've always thought it was kind of a cool picture.

Like I said...silly.

Cute Hubs. This one looks like a vintage action to me, but it's straight out of the camera.


  1. The first two pictures are absolutely amazing...and I SO agree with you about that picture going in your is REALLY good. I bet Ryan wouldn't mind having it gifted to him either...just a thought... ;)

    SO FRICKIN EXCITED ABOUT THE CAMERA! UGH, and also so jealous!

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome about the camera! So exciting girl. I can't wait to see what you turn out!

    Your hubs is a hottie! :)


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