Friday, January 30, 2009

Swing and a Miss

So, we actually got our tax return today! YAY! We wanted to get the floors ASAP, but my dad told us that the Costco coupon said that the laminate floors are $8 off a box starting Feb 9. Since we need 18-20 boxes, I think we'll wait. Although, I'm chomping at the bit so much that it's almost worth it just to eat the $150 or so we'd save. Must. Be. Patient.

We DID plan to get the matching loveseat for our couch tonight. However, since we don't have a truck, we proposed to Ryan and Renee that we'd treat them to dinner if after dinner we could borrow Ryan's truck and Ryan's muscles. I'm sure they would have helped even if we hadn't treated to dinner, but we actually have money for once, and it's nice to be able to say thanks. Plus, it was just fun. While at dinner, we ran into Kait's parents! What a small world!

After dinner, Ryan and Justin went to pick up the loveseat. After about an hour, they got home, and Justin realizes that the leather conditioning and cleaning kit wasn't in the package. He calls the store to let them know, while Ryan continues to open the package....only to discover that we have the wrong color loveseat. See, it comes in a light-redish brown (called "Brown") and a dark brown with a red undertone called "Burgandy". Apparently, when the guy was showing them the couches, he got the names of the colors mixed up. So when the boys went to pick up the couch, it was the wrong color. Looks like we'll be taking it back tomorrow. I told Justin that he should ask THEM to come pick up the old one and deliver this one, but hubster was too nice to ask for that. I'm pretty much the one that deals with customer service problems--DECA served me well there.

Anyway....more to come tomorrow.

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  1. Isn't that the most annoying thing when you're all excited about something new, you get it home, and it's wrong! I hope you get YOURS tomorrow!


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