Thursday, January 15, 2009

A little scared

So, I came home from work today because I wasn't feeling well. Initially, I had a sore throat (felt like I was swallowing razors), and since one of my SIL's recently had strep, I made an appointment for 4:30pm today with my doctor. But since then, I have gotten increasingly worse. At this point, the sore throat is the least of my worries--I have back pain more severe than anything I've ever felt. My neck is stiff, all of my joints ache, and I have a fever of 101. I know that a 101 fever is pretty low for some people, but it's VERY high for me. My normal temp sits right around 97 degrees, so even when I had to get my appendix out, my temp was just barely 99. I am so cold, I'm shaking, and NOTHING warms me up. I got out the heating pad, and it doesn't even feel warm. And I still have the worst migraine in the world, which even my migraine meds haven't touched.

Literally, all I've done since I got home was laid here and cried. Everything hurts. A lot. So, I did the stupid thing and googled my symptoms to try and distract myself for awhile. Bad idea. You know you've done it too. What came up? Other than the flu... Meningitis and Listeria. All three have virtually the same symptoms, so I'm fairly sure that it's probably the flu, and that the doctor isn't likely to even CONSIDER the latter two...which is actually a little scary. This just feels so much worse than the flu has ever felt before...


  1. Feel better! Sounds like what hit me in December (the Norovirus - commonly called the Flu). Lots of liquids if you can hold them down and don't worry, just feel better.

  2. Love the new layout. Feel better my dear, it's never fun being sick!

  3. I just came across your blog and I hope you don't mind that I'm commenting!?!?

    I hope you feel better! I felt I had to say something because I've been in your position, and have had strep like that many times before!

  4. Let me know what the doctor says, and as SOON as you are feeling better! Wish I could do something to help!

  5. Oh also, I was is the sickness interacting with your cycle? My period and period symptoms are getting worse and worse as I get older, and my body becomes a lot more sensitive. Maybe that could have an influence (haha, in-flu-ence) (ok, maybe not funny) on the intensity of what you are feeling... ?


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