Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Love & Memories

I've had that song stuck in my head all day...anyway...

- The migraine is finally mostly gone. Wahoo! If it weren't for the fear of waking up with a hangover headache, I'd go for celebratory drinks!

-Tonight, J and I are going with James and Karla to a Bible Study called Love & Respect. While I really love the Simply Faith Bible Study, Justin's band is practicing again on Thursday nights, AND Megan is moving in March--the last thing I need right now is to get attached to something else that's just going to be leaving/ending. I hear that this group is young married couples and young families. I'm totally excited for it.

-Sunday, J is going out of town for a week. On one hand, I HATE being home alone. Especially since I know none of our neighbors. On the other hand, he will be making some SERIOUS money while he's up in Washington, which will be fantastic in terms of contributing to the camera fund, among other things. And since he's given a per diem for food and such, it will actually cut down significantly on food costs.

-Went to the gym this morning, which will become a regular occurance this week since I'm dropping J off at work. Man, it still KILLS my knee to do much of anything. My dang coaches ingrained in my head during high school the idea that if you're not drop-dead tired after a work out, you didn't really work out. So I sort of have been feeling like my biking is pointless, since I can't go all out yet. But, my heart rate is still well up in the "Fat Burn" zone, so I'm just trying to stick with it for now.


  1. Ugh I so know what you mean about working out---and I have a really hard time getting to that 'dead tired' stage on my own in the gym...I hate dreadmills and other machines that are supposed to raise my heartbeat for an extended period of time...I get so bored so fast. . . But give me a ball (almost any kind!)and some teammates and I can run ten times longer...

  2. The Love and Respect series is AMAZING. You will love it. :-) We did the videos with our life group this year, and everyone really liked it (it is also a young marrieds group).

  3. Good for you for getting to the gym! I need to get myself there and get rid of the last of my pregnancy weight!


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