Tuesday, January 13, 2009

State of The Union

Today, another mill closed. This is the second mill to close in two weeks, and has resulted in over 300 layoffs. For a city our size, that's HUGE.

A friend of the family's, who is a local plumbing inspector, told me on Sunday that he's been given a 20% pay cut and knocked down to part-time. Because of his new part-time status, he now has to pay an additional $200 each month for his insurance.

A school teacher friend and her husband are losing their house because her husband's company gave everyone a $4/hour pay cut. She's also taken a pay cut, and between the two of them, they can no longer afford their mortgage payment.

Justin heard today that a local plumbing supply shop all took a 10% cut in pay. It was that or lay off half the company.

Basically, my point is that it's a scary time in our economy right now, particularly for those of us who work (or whose husbands work) in the trades. Construction is down right now, and consequently EVERYONE involved in manual labor is feeling the burn. And I'm positive that this directly relates to the huge increase in the number of kids being taken into foster care I'm seeing. When I first started my job, about two to four kids came into foster care each week. Now, it's two to four a DAY. I'm seeing a huge increase in substance abuse and domestic violence. I guess it's a scary time to be a kid in this economy too. AND a wife.


  1. Scary time to work retail too--decrease in economic prospects causes an increase in theft and in the desperation of thieves, who in turn resort to more violent measures. Like guns and shit. I'm not looking to get a cap busted in my ass for the Max.

    A number of stores in the mall where my OfficeMax is located are closing. My manager was listing them today, and this made me quite paranoid. I don't particularly like that job, but it's how I pay the bills, you know?

    Also, the civil engineering firm my mother started and owns is tanking because of the construction crash. She had to lay off her three employees, including her sister. Now it's just her and her partner.

    Fucking capitalism.

  2. Oh Mere, those numbers are not good.

  3. Which mill???

    Every time I think about this is makes me sick to my stomach :( Especially when I read on yahoo news that Oregon is in the top 5 states for the highest unemployment rates :( ugh, maybe my husband will have to re-enlist :(

    So sad that so many children are having to deal with this too. They should just be able to be kids! So sad!

  4. Gross. I don't like this at all. And just as bad, I really don't understand. I think that makes it more scary. It seems like an uncontrollable beast that we can't do anything about...

    And since from time to time I am your worry meter, I will let you know you are allowed to worry on this one, because it is scary. However, there is still nothing you can do about it, so don't overdo it ok? ;)Wouldn't want you to develop psoriasis or anything like that.


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