Thursday, January 8, 2009

It Has Come To My Attention...

That the song I posted on Youtube sounds warbled. It doesn't when I play it on my computer, but it does on other computers. Why didn't you guys tell me it sounded funky?! Anyway, it's down. Sorry kiddos. Maybe eventually we'll figure it out.

So Justin going out of town may be off...still not sure.

My Gap pants arrived today, but I haven't had a chance to try them on yet, 'cause I came with J to his band practice. I also haven't had the chance to watch the new episode of Top Chef from last night. LOVE that show.

Anyway. I've been enjoying Post Secret a lot lately. It inspired me to make my own. My heart has been heavy about this one the last few days. Maybe posting this will make me feel better. I doubt it though. It's sort of one of those Catch 22 situations...if I don't say anything, it hurts me, but saves the other person from their feelings being hurt. If I do say something, it will hurt the other person, but make me feel better. So for now, I'll just kinda-sorta say it in an extremely vague manner.

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