Monday, January 12, 2009

Tired of this yet?

Let me know if you are...maybe I'll take a cue from Lisa (who was clever enough to disguise her suggestion as if it were my own thought) and start a separate photog blog. But in the's a few from today when Renee and the kids came to visit. For anyone who is interested (cough, Renee, cough). If you click on the picture before doing a "Save As", it will save the full size picture rather than the small size. .

I had a couple of barriers today. First, the light was behind the kids playing, which meant that my metering was a little funny. Second, the kids are just FAST--most of my shots ended up blurry. Third, our carpet is absolutely, utterly disgusting. Consequently, I ended up shooting mostly in black and white...which I think I prefer in under these circumstances anyway. It's a bit more forgiving ;)

Edit: You've probably noticed the new look--I'm thinking it's only temporary. I used Scrapblog to create a new header, and was then planning on adding a new background from Cutest Blog On The Block. However, their site is down. Again. So it's this for now.


  1. Totally NOT tired of the pictures :) Keep 'em coming! We love seeing them!

    Could Payton be any cuter in her little ballerina outfit?! :)

  2. I am also not even close to being tired of them. Love them. And the first one of Payton is my favorite. Adorable!! And good shot on your part too. Any chance we can see a picture of your camera?? ;) I want to live vicariously through your photography life you know!!


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