Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Song

Today's Sunday song is brought to you by You Tube Phenomenon Marie Digby. I really enjoy a lot of her music, and often like her covers of songs better than the original versions. Not only is the girl gorgeous, but she plays guitar and piano, and often writes her own songs as well.

Today's song is called "Unfold". Although it isn't my favorite one of her songs musically, I can really relate to the lyrics. Ms. Digby says about the song, "This is a song I wrote recently called 'Unfold'.. it's probably the most personal song i've ever written . it came out of my frustration at my tendency to shut people out. Especially in love, i found myself always finding reasons to back away and i couldn't figure out why. This song is literally, my thinking process in trying to understand how i became this person and if i have the power to change it."

The chorus goes:

cause I don't wanna go on living
being so afraid of showing
someone else my.. imperfections
even though my feet are trembling
and every word I say comes stumbling
I will bare it all.. watch me unfold

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