Friday, January 16, 2009

Well then.

My doctor's appointment went like this:

Dr: So I hear you have a sore throat.
M: Yes, but that's now the least irritating symptom. I have the worst headache, and my neck and my back hurt like nothing I've ever experienced.
Dr: Well, you only have a 99 degree fever--that's not too concerning.
M: That's what you said about my appendix!
Dr: True, true. Let me look at your throat.
{I open my mouth and say ah}
Dr: Well, it doesn't LOOK like raging strep, but it probably is. I'll give you a Z-pack, and if you don't feel better by Monday, give me a call.
{Wondering why he didn't actually do a strep test on me}
M: And strep would make my back and neck hurt like this?
Dr: The last time I had strep, I wondered how my arm suddenly weighed 50 pounds. It's terrible. Take aspirin, advil, NyQuil...whatever works and has something like acetaminophen in it.
M: Okay, will do.

The only good news is that he gave me something new to try for the headaches. I still don't feel any better at all, and my back and neck don't really feel better even when I DO take those meds. There's no way I can go into work today...the only thing that makes a bit of difference is NyQuil, and that just knocks me out. I probably shouldn't anyway because I haven't been on antibiotics for 24 hours yet. Yay.

I tried to eat macaroni and cheese last night. I hadn't eaten all day, but I didn't feel nauseos, so I tried some. BAD IDEA. I think I'm sticking to jello and ginger ale.


  1. Ugh...sorry you're sick. I didn't make it into work today either. Sore throat, runny nose, stuffy nose, slight fever...good stuff. Here's to hoping we get better soon!

  2. Sorry to hear your sick. Yucky. I hate winter, everyone is always sick and droggy. Let me know how you feel.

  3. Your illness is unfortunate, but I should say that your story is hilarious.

    Feel better.


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