Saturday, January 3, 2009

Justin was acting oddly all day yesterday (he had the day off and I had to work). He finally told me that he was hoping to get the DSLR camera for me, but that the rent refund hadn't arrived, and the reason he was acting strange was that he wanted to surprise me with it. Sweet Justin.

Unfortunately, I'm not really sure that we'll be able to do it even if we do receive the full amount back from our rent deposit. Maybe at the end of the month. It's just that finances are going to be extremely tight this month--the beginning of the month is when almost all of our bills are due, and we'll be dangerously low just after paying bills--like having about $200 left in our checking account. And that's not including the expenses we'll have for gas and food. Luckily, we have a pretty stocked pantry right now, even though we don't have nearly as much meat in the freezer as Justin would like. We DO have a bit in savings, but it's not much, and I really don't want to tap into it unless absolutely necessary since we depleted it quite a bit buying the house.

It's funny though, because after I get paid on the 20th, we'll have plenty of $. Maybe we should just put a portion of the rent refund into savings and buy it at the end of the month when we will have a surplus. The other option would be to find a credit card that would allow no interest for 6 months. But, I'm not sure that we'd even qualify with the mortgage and our fridge, which is already on a no interest no payment Sears CC. Hmmm.


  1. That sounds exactly like our situation...well sort of. I've been wanting a DSLR camera for well over a year, but I wanted to pay of our CC first. Well we did, but I still haven't been able to buy the camera. We just bought a new car, we need tires on our other vehicle, does it ever end? I hate being Well I hope you get your camera soon. I'm hoping to finally buy mine at the end of this month...fingers crossed! Oh and I don't know if you're a Costco member or have one by you, but you could always sign up there and get the Costco American Express card. I think you get something like 3% back on all Costco purchases. Plus they usually have pretty good DSLR deals. Good luck!

  2. Aww what a sweetie! I'd definitely sock away a portion of the refund, you'd be well on your way!


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