Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Song

Today's song brings back MANY memories of high school. I would be understating things completely if I said that the high school that I went to was a bit of a hippie school. It was a COMPLETE hippie school. And consequently, aside from the actually superb education that I received, I learned all about peace, love, and rock and roll. I can remember MANY a sunny summer day driving down the streets listening to this song. And then, working for a rafting company, this song was again in heavy rotation. I remember burning this song onto a mixed CD for Justin, and not knowing if he'd like it, because it's a bit of an anti-war sentiment. However, Justin just smiled and said, "I can be supportive of our troops while still wishing that we didn't have wars to begin with." My sentiments exactly.

Anyway, I had a hard time finding a good version of this song on You Tube. Apparently, the band now sings it much more quickly than they do on their CD, which doesn't go with the sunny day vibe I'm trying to recall. And although there are about 2000 versions of other people trying to cover the song...they all pretty much suck. So anyway, the best version of "The General" by Dispatch that I could find...

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  1. SUCH a great song. I have a really good acoustic version that I really dig...odds are I got it from you haha??


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