Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Song

Today's Sunday song is apparently now an oldie--I was APPALLED to have heard it on the classic rock radio station on my way home from work the other day. Anyway, it's "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer. The very first time I ever met Justin was at a church camping trip. As we arrived, we heard a bunch of people playing this song, and it was one of my favorite songs at the time, so we went over and plopped ourselves on the picnic table to listen to them play the song. It turns out that it was Justin and his brother Ryan that were playing the song. I think they thought we were nuts, and basically didn't say a word to us the entire time. I'm not even sure that Justin even remembers me at that campout--his dad made him stay around for all the devotions and whatnot, and we were bad and spent most of our time wakeboarding. Nevertheless, I thought that both Justin and Ryan were completely cute, and they played the guitar, and so as soon as we got down to the boat, I called dibs on BOTH of them, because we weren't really sure who was my age (I actually thought Ryan was the one that was my age), or which one I'd like more once we actually got to talking.

After that meeting, I became friends with Stump. I already knew Stump's cousin James (yes, the one that's dating Justin's sister), so it just made sense. Pretty soon, Stump and Justin became best friends, and I started hanging out with Justin pretty frequently. We were friends for probably three years, and he displayed NO interest in being anything more than friends. Several months before we were set to go on a youth group trip to Orlando together, he emailed me out of the blue--I had given him my email address MONTHS ago, and he hadn't ever sent me anything. Not even forwards. I was so surprised about the email that I promptly proceeded to drop the black sharpie marker that I was holding in my mouth onto my white comforter. I remember one of my friends asking me why I couldn't get over this guy. I responded, "I don't know." And then was promptly shocked to hear my brain say, "Um, because you could marry this boy." I did NOT have any intention of getting married any time in the near future. I hadn't even had a really serious boyfriend. I tried to push Justin out of my head, accepted entry into a college out of state, and went along with graduating. I was terrified by the prospect that my mind already seemed to think Justin could be something serious--but what if he didn't like me back?

Anyway, on the plane on the way to Orlando, Justin and I were sitting by each other at one point, and he was bopping me or doing some other annoying thing that teenage boys do as a way of flirting, and I grabbed his hand to get him to stop, but neither of us let go, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack, because I SO never get the guy.

A few days later, after conferring with my sister and making sure she was okay with it (how sweet is that?), he asked me to officially be his girlfriend while we were on a carnival ride. I can remember not even a week later, us having a talk about how neither of us were looking for a summer fling--we were looking for something more serious. I cried and cried about going out of state to school, but Justin always promised that he'd wait until I came back home--whether it was after a term, a year, or all four years.

And this is the song that brings it all back.

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