Saturday, March 7, 2009

17 or 27?

This weekend, J and I went to see two different movies. The first was The Watchmen on Friday night. The movie was rated R, so they had a guy at the door checking that all the people entering were either 17 or with their legal guardians. J and I were walking in, and the guy stopped us and said, "Are you his legal guardian?" J and I both looked at each other oddly--we were alone, so we weren't sure who the guy was talking about. We told him that we were by ourselves, and he said, "Oh...I thought the 10 year old behind you was yours." Um...if that were my 10 year old, I would have had him when I was 13. And even if I had had him when I was 18, that would have put me at at least 27. J and I both laughed a bit and headed in to watch the movie (PS--I was SHOCKED at how many 8-12 year olds were at The Watchmen with their parents last night...not really a kid appropriate movie.)

Fast forward to parents called and offered to treat us to see The International. We accepted, and met up with him at the theater. He went over to buy the tickets, and the lady at the box office said rather snottily, "Um, sir, who exactly are you buying tickets for?" My dad gestured at J, my mom, and me. Box office lady said, "Um...this movie is RATED R. Anyone not 17 must be a parent or legal guardian of the children. Are you their parent or legal guardian?"

My mom started laughing hysterically. Without missing a beat, my dad said, "Well, I'm their parent, but they've qualified as their own legal guardians for about 5 years now...they're long out of the house and married. I think they're probably allowed to see R rated movies."

So, in the course of 24 hours, I went from being mistaken as being at least 27 to being mistaken for under 17. LOL!


  1. S'ok. People have asked my brother and I if we're "together," which is far creepier.

  2. That's funny!
    People say we're too young for a lot of things. That's ok though, when you are 50 you'll look 40! That's what I keep saying! Enjoy it and just laugh it of.

  3. Hilarious. . .Ryan and I had a great laugh this morning. I hope you enjoyed the movies though.

  4. LOL! I've been carded for an R-rated movie and not carded for buying alcohol within the same weekend. Too funny.

  5. Oh my gosh. :) That's so funny. They've asked me for ID a few times at the theatre. I don't think I look under 17????? Yes well. Sometimes it's a compliment.


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