Monday, March 23, 2009


-After a little bit of a tiff on Saturday afternoon, J was the most wonderful loving husband for the rest of the weekend. On Sunday, he not only brought me coffee, but also flowers! Our little argument wasn't even big enough to necessitate flowers, but I really appreciated the sentiment. I've been feeling a little bit neglected lately, so it was just very nice.

-We replanted our mini garden. I still have Sugar Snap Peas, Cherry Tomatoes, Onions (all from the prior attempt at seeds). Yesterday night I planted a row of jalepenos, a row of peppers, carrots, radishes, mint, tomato, lettuce, spinach, and corn. This time I also added more FLOWERS--Clarkias, 4 O'Clocks, Petunias, Sweet Peas. I also purchased the cat some Cat Grass--I hear that inside cats do need some sort of greens, and will usually stop eating your plants if you give them some Cat Grass or Catnip to munch on. We'll see.

-My parents are Spring Breaking in SoCal right dad called me today just to tell me that it was 75 degrees and they were walking on the beach. Yeah, it snowed here yesterday, I don't want to hear it. He DID tell me that there is a movie store next to my aunt and uncle's house that's going out of business and they're selling the movies dirt cheap. Knowing J's movie obsession, he offered to pick some up for us. Here's what's on my list so far: Face Off, The Replacements, The Usual Suspects, Big Trouble, Kill Bill, Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, Big Fish, Bruce Almighty, Role Models. Any other suggestions?

PS- I was looking at a list today of "The Greatest Guy Movies Ever", and I've determined that when it comes to movies, I'm pretty much a guy. Resevoir Dogs, Fight Club, Revenge of the Nerds, Wild Things, Sin City, The Negotiator....those were all movies that I owned before we were married--not even gifts to Justin!


  1. I am in the same club with you on the movies...although I feel like that doesn't really have anything to do with is just that movies that are cool, interesting, weird (and sometimes violent) are automatically labeled guy movies. Us chicks are supposed to like romantic comedies only, and that's just really not fair.

    Here are some movies that I like for various reasons: Shawshank Redemption, Se7en, Godfather series, El Laberinto del Fauno\Pan's Laberyinth (have you seen this one?), The Green Mile, Ratatouille (cute), Crash, Airplane!, ... I could go on forever I realize,...and you probably don't want to email your dad a list haha!

  2. Wow- you do like "guy movies!" I do not at all! They tend to be a bit too violent and suspenseful for me. But I love the older bond movies- before the new guy came and changed it all up. Oh well.

    Hope the new plants do well!


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