Sunday, March 8, 2009

Deja Vu....

A few more pictures....this group looks markedly similar to another one of my picture groups, but OH WELL.

My little plants are doing well. Only a few of them haven't sprouted yet. I'm THRILLED that I haven't killed my little plants entirely! ETA: I spoke too soon--we woke up this morning, and the cat had eaten/trampled almost ALL of the Morning Glories--little shit. Not to mention, I just discovered that morning glories are on the "bad" list for cats. She seems fine--completely her normal self, so I think she's probable okay, but into the locked room they go.

Seriously? Why didn't they think of this years ago? It is my new favorite spring/summer drink. I'm a sucker for raspberry lemonade. Too bad it's listed as a "special edition"...I just might have to seriously stock up on a few cases of these.
And a little tipsy self-portrait

Another Bones picture, in honor of the NEW EPISODE of Bones coming out this next week.


  1. Hmm..I'm not big on malt beverages - give me an ice cold beer any day - but that razz lemonade looks mighty tasty.

  2. That is a great picture of the cat. Sorry he ate your flowers. = (

    (also- I don't drink much- but when I do- I LOVE hard lemonade! so delicious!!)

  3. Good gracious Meredith what are you trying to do to me, posting pictures of new and surely delicious Mike's creations and cute pictures of your cat? I really REALLY want to come visit!


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