Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Picture Fest & March Goals

There was a great sunset last night visible from our backyard.

I can't believe my little plants have grown so much since Saturday! I have these labeled as Morning Glories, but I am thinking they might actually be watermelons. We'll see.

Sweet, funny, rambunctious Bones Cat. She's in a bit of a hyper phase, and is really liking to climb the clothes in my closet, so my new best friend is now a spray bottle.

And now...for my March Goals:

1. Take a prenatal vitamin every single day. (No, I'm not pregnant, no we're not trying at the moment. My obgyn recommends taking prenatals as far in advance as absolutely possible, and I previously didn't take ANY vitamin at all).

2. Go to the gym or do equivalent exercise at least three times a week.

3. Do at least one photo shoot with the fancy-schmancy camera

4. Clean out my spare bedroom and get it at least somewhat organized and usable!


  1. That sunset was beautiful. I'm a firm believer that West Coast sunsets are better than East Coast. Can you tell I'm feeling home sick ;) ?

  2. That is a gorgeous sunset. I haven't seen color like that . . . in a long time! And your labeling is correct, those are definitely morning glories. They have very distinctive leaves. Good for you on the water bottle as well!

  3. I used to use the spray bottle on my cat. Finally he just started squinting at me when he saw the squirt bottle.. He doesn't even try to run away anymore :(

  4. Great pics, as usual. Love the one of Bones. So cute!! I am really really looking forward to your March photoshoot...can't wait!

  5. My Dr. put me on prenatals when I was in high school. Mainly because certain levels like iron were low. I still remember my dad FREAKING out when my mom brought them home from the grocery store. Hilarious!

  6. Were those plants there on Monday? Holy cow they grew fast. Good job. We had a sunset the other night that looked like this and it was beautiful. Good pic.

  7. Oh boy, I really want a garden this summer! We don't have a yard, but I am hoping to have a few wine barrels full of tomatoes and green beans at least :)

    And I sure do miss that West Coast sunset, even though I was just there...

  8. Such a pretty sunset!

    and yes, the squirt bottle will be your friend. Hopefully your kitty does not become immune!

  9. A pre-natal? Hmm, I will have to talk to my doctor. Thanks for the info.

    Good luck with the goals!


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