Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Fun

- I only have to work until 3pm today! Hopefully Renee and I will get to hang for a couple of hours before she has to pick up her kids. Yay!

-We are actually going to see a movie tonight--J has been absolutely dying to go see The Watchmen. He's really into superheros and comics, so he already knows all about the movie. I know nothing about it. I just hope it's good--I'm a scrooge and I hate paying full price for crappy movies.

-I had this crazy dream last night that we went on a road trip. We got to this big hill, walked up the hill, where there was a gothic cemetary, and it was all snowy. I was having a blast taking pictures with my camera, but all of a sudden, it broke and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. We ran into a few people that we knew in the dream (I don't know them in real life), and they brought us over to the edge of a cliff where you could see the ocean--and it was a gorgeous sunny day. I kept talking about how incredible it was to be able to see the ocean and snow at the same time. I haven't had a dream that vivid in a LONG time, so I decided to look some of it up in a "dream dictionary."

Cemetary: Rebirth and/or fears about death
Broken Camera: You're ignoring an issue or can't see the big picture
Snow: Signifies needing to release emotions and inhibitions
Ocean: Signifies the state of emotional feelings, indicative of spiritual refreshment and renewal.

Goodness sakes--anyone care to take a stab at psychoanalyzing me?


  1. I had a pretty weird dream last night too- what a good idea to look it up in a dream dictionary! I had a lot of fun psychoanalyzing myself. = )

  2. I saw a midnight showing of Watchmen last night and it was amazing--not as good as the book, which is sort of like if Cormac McCarthy wrote a comic book, but still damn good. Except that they really messed up the ending. But I'm not sure if someone who hasn't read the book will actually like it (most of the negative reviews I've seen are from people who didn't read the book). So... you might be screwed.


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