Tuesday, March 3, 2009

House Progress

(These are located behind the loveseat you see in the left-hand corner above)

The living room is finally almost done! All that's left is doing the transition strips into the kitchen and putting the trim back up. I'm pretty impressed with ourselves--I think we really changed the whole feel of the room. Looking back, I think that if I could do anything different, I might go for a tan microfiber sectional instead of the leather sofa and love-seat...but hey, maybe we'll go there a few years down the road after animals and kids have destroyed these! I REALLY love white with the color of the walls and flooring, but there is NO WAY that I could get away with so much white with J and our family in general--sure, I could say to heck with 'em and try anyway, but more than anything else, I want our house to be somewhere that people can come over and relax in--I don't want people worried about babies breaking valuables or getting the sofa dirty (it's pretty hard to stain brown leather). So, I'm trying to meet somewhere in the middle...


  1. You know we're loving that cozy and inviting living room!

    Sherry (& John)

  2. Looks great!! (where are all your movies?)

  3. OMG! It looks amazing! It is so fresh and clean.


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