Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunkist Cupcakes

Sunkist Cupcakes

I promise that sometimes, I make normal desserts. But not recently. I already shared the phenomemon that is Jello Poke Cake, and now I'm about to clue you in on the easiest way to make cake or cupcakes. It's even easier than following instructions on a boxed cake mix because there are fewer steps and fewer ingredients. Here's what you need:

-A box of cake mix, any flavor
-A can of diet soda (12 oz), any flavor. Trust me, you want diet. Regular soda makes the cupcakes too sweet.
-Cool Whip or Frosting

Combine the cake mix and the can of soda. Do not add eggs, oil, or water. Whisk until smooth. Bake as directed on the box. Cool, and frost. The end.

Yesterday, in honor of Renee, I combined white cake mix and Sunkist soda. Some of the combinations that I've done and liked are: Devil's Food Cake Mix + Diet Cherry Coke. Blueberry Muffin Mix + 7-up. And Yellow Cake Mix + Diet Mountain Dew. I don't have nutrition info, but I do remember my mom making this as a Weight Watcher's recipe (subbing diet soda for the eggs and oil lowers the calorie content and cholesterol). I have always been a fan since I'm allergic to eggs and this sneaky recipe removes them from the equation!


  1. Yum! I am so hungry right now and those look delicious!

  2. Cool cool cool! I love how we have been obsessed with food lately haha! Could you do me a favor and post or message me with some kind of measurements....for example how much soda is in a can? I don't remember....and how much cake mix in an American box? That would be GREAT!!

  3. I am an idiot. I looked back at the post and you definitely wrote 12 oz. Haha. Silly me.


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