Sunday, March 29, 2009

Table Rock Hike

On Saturday afternoon, Justin, my sister, my parents, and I hiked Upper Table Rock. It's about a 2 hour hike for us--we don't do it as quickly as some people we know. Honestly, it's kind of a nightmare for me due to the combination of my knee and being allergic to everything up the dang mountain...but it's usually worth it once you get to the top. It's funny though--can you believe I've never taken our camera up there? I really need to do it sometime, I just worry that I'll fall down the trail and break it. Unfortunately, falling down the trail is not an unusual experience for me.

Justin, Court, and I at the top. Lower Table Rock in the background.

Courtney hiding.
Here's my parents at the top!

Sweet Hubby.


  1. Wow- that looks gorgeous. So green and beautiful!

  2. I was thinking of going on Sunday, and then it snowed. But I've taken my dad's camera up there a few times and got some amazing shots. It's worth it if you've got a padded case :)

  3. Fun! That's a great way to spend a weekend day.

  4. Why are you the only sane one that did not wear jeans???

  5. 1. I'm with Lisa!!!

    2. I really wanna do this next time I am home, weather permitting :)


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