Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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- Last night I got to go with Justin to a REAL professional recording studio. It was really incredible, and just what the band needs I think. The guy was great about arranging the parts, but in a way that came across more like, "I think the feeling that you're trying to convey might come across more clearly if you try this..." opposed to, "The whole bass part sucks. Let's just start over."

-J and I went spinning last night. We can only make one class a week and our "usual" instructor wasn't there, so it was a bit of a bummer, but not too bad. My knee is hugely swollen today though. Anyway, it's nice to have J's support on this.

-I have had just about enough of covering for all the Spring-Breakers at the office. This week feels SO long! I can't wait until Friday--my day off this week. I'm getting my hair trimmed that day as well! Other than that, I plan to lay around all day and watch movies. Yay!

-Baby fever is still going strong!


  1. We are half way to Friday! Yay for that.

    I hear ya about the baby fever...for me, it is especially bad at church when I am surrounded by little ones. I just want my own! hehe


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