Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photo of the Day and Thinking

In the above photo, I was playing with shooting with a custom color profile. I bumped up the saturation to almost max and I also bumped up the contrast a little bit. I'll let you all in on a little secret--the sky did NOT actually look like this when I took this picture. It was a cloudy, rainy day. This is something that I both love AND hate about digital photography--the more I play around with custom color settings on my camera and actions in Photoshop, the more I'm becoming convinced that very few professional photographers are able to shoot good quality shots straight out of the camera. Anyway....

Folks, do y'all remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about being surprised that I had had baby fever for such a long stretch of time rather than just a couple of days? Yeah, the baby fever has never gone away. So, I'm quickly approaching three solid months of baby fever...which I'm not sure even qualifies as "baby fever" so much anymore as just wanting to have a baby. Eeeek...did I just type that out loud? But when it comes down to it, I'm still not quite ready to take the plunge, there are so many things that I'm stressed about and worried about right now in regards to having a baby (um, how will we pay our mortgage?), and inside I still often feel "too young" to be pregnant.


  1. Baby Baby Baby! You are never too young for a baby- well, I guess I can think of a few ages where you are too young- but you- you are not too young. = ) Some of our best friends out here have two children (3 and 1.5) and they are only 24!

    Good luck dear.

  2. Your not too young! But I know what you mean. At times I feel like I can't even take care of myself, let alone a baby!

    P.S. I love that photo!

  3. I completely agree with you on the digital photography bit...another one of the reasons that I try to avoid photoshopping\editing as much as possible. Sometimes I prefer a slightly imperfect but natural pic, if you know what I mean. With that said, your pic of the sky doesn't look faked up or anything, so I highly approve. :)

    Do you think if you wait until you feel that are completely ready to have a baby that you will have one before you are 40? ;) That is not meant to lead you one way or the other, but I am just curious what you think about that rhetorical question...


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