Monday, March 2, 2009

Mission (Almost) Accomplished.

1. Work Out. Yeah baby! Although, being an ex-rower I have such a hard time pounding away on the elliptical and watching the trainers at my local gym instruct people INCORRECTLY how to use the rowing machine. I offered the lady at the front desk to give a demo on how to use the rowing machines properly since they way they're teaching is setting people up for serious injuries, but she looked at me like I had three heads.

2. Target: New sheets, and looking for a few additional seeds. New iPod connector cord (mine got lost in the move). Maybe some organizational things. Okay so I forgot the iPod connector, and accidentally grabbed a flat sheet instead of a fitted sheet. But that's okay 'cause I have to go back tomorrow to get the new Jodi Picoult book anyway.

3. About 8 loads worth of laundry. -I only accomplished one.

4. My spare bedroom needs a SERIOUS organize and clean. -I cleaned almost the entire house, but just didn't get there.

5. Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie--Justin's dinner request.

6. Check out fabric for a possible do-it-myself headboard a la Emily at Imperfect. I found some remnants for less than $2/yard that I think will work!

7. Meet up with Renee (if kids are feeling better) to re-do fliers for the band's concert next Friday. Done and done.

Okay, so I must confess--I probably could have gotten more laundry and cleaning done, but a significant portion of my day was spent reading the latest book that's caught my eye:

It's really very eye-catching so far--though a bit more sexually explicit than I would have anticipated for a fictional book that's based loosely around the life of Laura Bush. However, not being a particularly big fan of any of the Bushes, I find it more fascinating than insulting, as others have commented. As this book suggests, I suspect the Bush family as a whole is a much more interesting and complicated person than their public personas suggest.

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  1. I read an interview of the author of American Wife once upon a time and have wanted to read it ever since.


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