Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Old Navy, why do you do this to me?

Now, my intent was just to post cute pieces that I LIKE for spring and summer, but may not actually purchase. Well...I think that I HAVE to get this dress. It's my favorite color ever, so cute and simple. AND IT COMES IN TALL!!! I seriously want one in EVERY color. I really shouldn't buy it, but I'm pretty sure that I will. I just don't really have any idea what size I am in Old Navy Talls yet--so far, I've purchased something in almost every size.


  1. cute stuff. I love the first shirt. I don't think the husband would love the frills on the dress sleeves. But he isn't wearing it! = )

  2. i love old navy- i have to prevent myself from going to the site or store so i don't buy everything i see.. the site is the worst for me- browsing is so easy!

  3. Those are really cute and in great colors as well. Great, now I have to go check out Old Navy! haha

  4. Love the color of the dress. Check out my blog, we did it again. We must be related. Love ya!

  5. Yay for options! I hope that you figure out the rhyme and reason to their sizing!


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