Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's Going On...

-So, the computer is still over-writing the hard-drive. Who knew that would be such a long process?!

-Went to the first spinning class since I hurt my knee--goodness sakes. I thought I was going to DIE, and my butt is still incredibly sore.

-I was offered to move up to full time at work--I told them I'd like to play it by ear. Basically, I will if absolutely needed, but I really don't want to. My concern is three-fold...first, I'm already WAY above the number of kids I'm supposed to have on my caseload. We're talking 69-80. Additional hours wouldn't be given to justify my over-worked caseload, they'd be given to allow me to supervise more kids...which is something I'm just not sure I could do while also staying sane. Plus, I'm hoping that in the next year or so staying home with a bebe might be on the radar, and I don't want to take on 20-30 more kids only to dump them on someone else. Lastly, I've been bumped up before, and my take-home on my checks was actually SMALLER than when I worked part time, because it bumped me up to the next tax bracket. Plus, with J working 50 hours a week, we already struggle with getting things like laundry done and grocery shopping--I do almost all of that on my day off. I think I would lose my sanity if every weekend were devoted to chores. I know that's reality for a lot of people, and in other jobs I haven't minded as much...but with this job, I really need that down-time.

-The band is now thinking and praying about whether to start their own non-profit, be a ministry of the church, or become a small business (this all came about because we're now receiving checks made out to the band as a whole, and really need a bank account for the band). This is all way over my head, but either being a ministry of the church or a small business makes the most sense to me. There was concern that as a small business, we'd have to pay taxes even if we weren't making a profit as of yet--my limited understanding of small businesses is that the business would have to pay payroll taxes if any of us were on payroll (which we're not). But we shouldn't have to pay general taxes if we're not making a profit, right? So far all of the money we've received has gone directly to equipment, producing shows, and the cost of playing concerts (gas, fliers, etc). The goal is that eventually the band will be able to do this full-time, so to me a business makes more sense than a non-profit. Any advice from y'all out there?


  1. Ugh, butt soreness after your first spin class is the worst!! But it gets better...hang in there. ;)

  2. I know in my city we have a Nonprofit Resource Center that helps people start nonprofits (I refer a lot of my clients there). You might have something similar around you. Also check out your local Small Business Development Center. They offer free advising services and low cost ($20-50) seminars on starting a business. They're usually affliated with a college or university. Even if the band doesn't go the business route the SBDC should be able to point you in the right direction.

  3. Hmm. Not sure about Oregon, but in Washington there's definitely a tax that businesses have to pay whether or not they make money.


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