Sunday, March 22, 2009

Starting Over...

UGH! It looks like I am going to be starting over in terms of my gardening. BAH. We previously transplanted the peas and morning glories to bigger planters, and left them in J's man room so the cat wouldn't get into them. The other day, I also moved all of the plants that were still in Jiffy planters back to that room. Justin and I hadn't connected on that fact, so when the cat did get into his man room on Friday, he didn't think to look to see if those had been knocked over. So, I went in this morning to water the plants, and only the peas, cherry tomatoes, and the morning glories were left. Everything else had been knocked onto the floor and was broken and dead. Not good.

Actually though, I'm wondering if this is for the best. Another one of those Jiffy planters is like $6 at Wal-Mart, we still have a lot of seeds for the things I want to plant again, and I wasn't really happy with some of the things that we DID plant. Maybe this is a chance at a "do over". Plus, I actually think we had started them indoors too early--I would have had to transfer almost all of them to individual pots indoors here pretty soon, and I'd rather just start them and transfer them right outside.


  1. That sucks- I am sorry. Hopefully the new ones will do even better and will make the transition to the ground smoothly. = )

  2. oh no! I keep having to get the cat away from our plants too- I'm waiting for the day I can finally put them outside to keep him away from them!

  3. A blessing in you can start over with a bit more experience and hopefully get more what you want! Suerte!


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