Sunday, March 29, 2009

Curiosity (Almost) Killed The Cat

Bones-The-Cat drives me crazy sometimes. I love her, but she drives me crazy. She gets into absolutely everything--in fact, the other day, I found her "stash" in the hall bathroom. She steals things, and takes them back into the bathtub. I found several pairs of socks, a couple of screws, a few cotton balls, and a big chunk of Justin's goatee that he had shaved off that morning. The other day, when I was cooking, she stole a piece of bacon when I had my back turned. And most recently, she chewed off the ear to a wooden giraffe that Lisa painted for me.

Well, today Bones' curiosity got the best of her. No matter how many times I sprayed her with water, she wouldn't leave my little Gold Canyon Candle alone, even though it was lit. Again, I turned my back for half a second, and when I turned back around, she had singed off most of her whiskers. I don't know if you can really see it in these pictures, but her whiskers on the top of her head are now curly little nubs!


  1. Do we have the same cat? Seriously, my hubby was ready to throw our youngest kitty out the door this morning. She takes things out of the garbage and I am sure she stashes them somewhere. I just can't find where!

    Poor whiskerless Bones!

  2. Bones is so cute....poor babe! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Love yours! Have a good day.


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