Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Need Nursery Help (Again)

Public Service Announcement: For those of you not interested in baby stuff, I appologize. I've tried to keep this from completely turning into a "baby blog" by limiting myself to one or so baby posts per week, but this week I'm just going over. I want input from others! Hey, at least I posted a non-baby related item today too!

Okay, so for those of you just joining the game, go here to see our nursery decorating game plan.

So, we did order the un-upholstered glider from that previous blog post. I had been looking around for another slipcover, since the ones meant to go with the chair had been out of stock for about 6 months, but I was having a hard time finding anything that would fit properly without tons of adjusting. And the chair DEFINITELY needs a slipcover. I was hoping that I could get away with just the muslin, but I can't.

I logged on this morning, and just happened to check to see if the slipcovers were in stock. They were! But only in pink:

I originally wanted the light brown/beige color, but that one isn't in stock. I went ahead and ordered the pink one, figuring that any slipcover is better than no slipcover, and that if beige comes in stock, I'd return the pink and go with the beige.

But now I'm having second thoughts about even looking for the beige. Maybe the pink would be a nice way to bring some "girl" into the otherwise turquoise and white room. I was planning to bring in some small pink accents in terms of sheets and accessories anyway. Nothing else in the room would be beige, so maybe a beige slipcover would look odd anyway. But let's be honest, having a pink piece of furniture kind of scares my non-girly-girl self.

I have had suggestions that if I don't like the pink slipcover, that I could bleach it white, which would match the rest of the room, but isn't a color option even if they were ALL in stock. Bleaching might be an option, but (a) I think it might be microfiber and (b) the idea of bleaching it scares me. What if I shell out $60 to then have a non0usable slip cover?!

So. Should I stick with pink? Keep looking for beige? Or try to bleach it to white?


  1. I am having a hard time picturing the pink in the color scheme you have picked out. I think the pink chair would fit in better with chocolate walls and then torquise and pink accents, but I know you really liked the torquise walls as do I. I really don't like the idea of bleaching the slip cover either tho that might work. Sorry this has turned into rambling. Maybe make an idea board and see how it all plays together?

  2. I don't know if the pink would be too bad, it looks like a washed out pink so it might blend really nicely with the white and turquoise walls. Sometimes, the best nursery designs are the ones that don't match exactly! That being said, any color slip cover sounds like it would be better than no slip cover at all, can you try out the pink but keep watch for another color option you like better? If you attempt bleaching, I would definitely suggest doing a trial run on a small swatch of the fabric first!

  3. That is the same chair i bought and every darn time that I go to the website all the colors say that they are unavailable....i don't get it.

    I like the pink, i think that with the walls it would look great. I was going to do a white chair but i think im going to venture out and be daring and go for blue. I wanted orange but that is impossible!!!!

  4. I think you should wait to see it in person before deciding, but I love the idea of a pink chair.

    Don't stop the baby posts... I'm not ready for a baby but love to think about the decorating part of it. I'm wierd.

  5. I think pink and turquoise are great colors together, so i'd see how it works and decide from there. If the time comes for you to use the glider in a boy's room in the future, you can try bleaching it and at that point, if it doesn't work, oh well, at least it got use for one kiddo.

  6. Oh, and I totally appreciate that you are keeping your baby posts going, but recognizing that not all of your readers have baby fever. I think you've struck the perfect balance! And nursery decor I could talk about any day, just not uteruses (uteri?). Lol.

  7. In my opinion, I would go with beige. In the end, if something happens it would be easy to move to another room, sell/give away, or use for another child.
    Again, just my opinion. I do love the chair though

  8. I personally LOVE the posts about little baby Buena! So keep um coming! It gives me more courage to do baby posts when I'm pregnant someday! Anyway, I love the idea of a pink slip-cover, and I'd say if the beige one becomes available, I'd actually order that one too. That way you can change it up AND if you decided to move the chair to another room you could change the slip-cover and it would go. It'd also be nice to get the beige one now, because what if you have another child someday and it's not a girl and then the slip-covers are no longer available?!?! :) But I do love the pink one for a little girl!

  9. I don't know what the consensus is- but I think the pink sounds awesome. I love pink and turquoise together- and pick and brown look amazing together- so I think it would work. But I am not super knowledgeable.

  10. Here's my opinion. If you keep the pink slipcover, you could find another pink that is darker to that would work with your wall color. Keep the slipcover and find pillows, blankets, rugs (or make them) with all colors. They don't seem like they would go together right now but if you have all the colors together the right way it probably would look really cute. I would have two shades of pink (light and dark), and two shades of torquoise (light and dark) and find a way to put them all together. This way it's more flexible with what shades you can have. Just my thought.

    I can never get enough of hearing about my baby niece, keep the baby blogs.

  11. I actually think the pink is really nice! It's pink without being PINK!!!! I think in the end, if it just doesn't go, you could definitely bleach it. Holly luv is a pro a bleaching things white- I'll bet you could get a few tips from her!

  12. i think the light pink would look awesome with your ideas you have thus far. :c)

  13. You should tie-dye the slip cover. That way it won't be as noticeable when the baby throws up on it!

  14. ok. i am all caught up on the nursery! wait and see what shade of pink it is in person. i just relooked at the fabrics you posted and the pink chair could look great.

    i think your white furniture will look amazing against your walls. i would paint the rockers legs white.

    i think for the crib skirt, i'd use a fabric that is a little heavier than quilting fabric and has a little larger pattern that includes both pink and blue. then the fabrics you already have will interchange so well as fitted sheets. BUT that's not to say i don't love the fabric you picked. the stripe would be adorable as a crib skirt with fitted sheets in the pink. i'd do off-the-shelf curtains (like ikea) in white and trim them with the pink fabric. maybe your mom could make you a lumbar pillow too out of the pink fabric.


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