Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wedded Wednesday

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Last night at our Young Married Bible Study, we arrived to see a beautiful spread of fall decor, wine glasses, and desserts--everything from cheesecake to ice cream with blackberries, to peach cobbler! The couple leading the group that week explained that they wanted to give us all a mini "date night" where we could each go off together, without kids, work distractions, or other family distractions, and just talk. They gave us prompts of several options of things we could talk about--and let me tell you, it was just such a good time for us to have this meeting!

Justin and I have been "off" lately. Do you ever sometimes start to feel like you're just ships passing in the night, or that you're more roommates than a married couple? It's not necessarily anyone's fault, it just happens sometimes. Especially over the weekend, we were both busy with different projects, and when those were completed, we both wanted to decompress. Justin wanted to play Nintendo, I wanted to sleep or knit. Our sleep schedules were also off, so often when I was awake, J was asleep, and visa versa. It was probably needed individually for us to both take the time to relax in a way that was meaningful to us, but we didn't do a good job nurturing our marriage in the process.

Needless to say, last night was a great opportunity for us to reconnect, and to talk about something more than the weather, work, money, or food! I wanted to share part of the handout that was given to us--I'm not sure where it's from to give credit to the author....but I think I remember reading this in either The Love Dare, or The 5 Love Languages.


Proverbs 8:6- Listen, for I have worthy things to say; I open my lips to speak what is right.

Conversation reveals the inner person. When we're dating, we absorb every word our date utters and file each precious comment away for future reference. Some of our dates disqualify themselves the moment they open their mouths, but then we find the right one and marry, largely because of what that person said. A few years later, we stop listening. We know our spouse so well that his or her comments are predictable, and we've heard them all before. We stop talking about hopes and dreams and beliefs, and limit our conversations to the weather, work, and children. It doesn't have to be this way. Listen to your spouse with as much attention and affection as you listened while you were dating, and you may find your love is deeper than you ever imagined.

Genesis 26:12- Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year a hundredfold: and the Lord blessed him.

When God told Isaac to take his wife and make his home in Egypt, Isaac obeyed, even though he was afraid for his life. In return for faithfulness, the Lord blessed Isaac, increasing his investment a hundred times over in one year.

Discuss: What is God telling you and your spouse this year? Should you be doing something else, or even be someone else? Is your current job, or your current lifestyle what God is calling you to do? Do you want to argue the point (or pretend you didn't get the message), or are you willing to trust God's guidance?


  1. I understand what you mean about feeling disconnected to Chris. I don't know why it happens either- but it just does. I am glad you got the chance to reconnect.

  2. Totally know how you feel. The hubby and I are actually currently "on" but we've had more than enough "off" moments/days/weeks/etc. lately. It's so easy to just get so caught up in the to-do list, errands and the busyness of life that somehow communication and maintaining that connection falls lower on the priority list. The hubby and I work so much better when we're communicating and "on", we're more productive, life is more fun...wish we didn't have the constant battle against time and life.

  3. I could have written this myself, so I kind of piggy backed off your Wedded Wednesday.

    So glad you guys were able to reconnect. It's such a struggle these days!

  4. The hubby and I have days and weeks like that too. As long as you reconnect at some point it's OK. Sounds like a great night last night for you guys :)

  5. i really enjoy your blog. i understand exactly what you mean ... we had one of those weekends too. what a great idea for a bible study night, though. i might have to borrow that one.

  6. I 100% know how you feel about ships passing in the night...I keep telling myself, let's get through September then it will be better. With his pt job, we haven't been able to go to church so I really appreciate you sharing. Hubs isn't much of a blog reader but I have a feeling, he might be reading this!

  7. THanks for following my blog! Lovely to meet you!

  8. I LOOOOOVE this. I should do this for our next small group!

  9. We just went through about 5 days of disconnect, and since we talked things over, we are back on track and I have never felt better. This was another great reminder for me! Thanks!


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