Tuesday, September 22, 2009


-There were three major fires near us yesterday. My sister actually got evacuated from her rental house. The power was out for quite awhile, and because of that, there were a bunch of car accidents due to the fact that no one around here seems to know that when the power is out, a traffic light is treated like a stop sign. No, you don't have to wait for the power to go back on before you go.

-I finished reading Friday Night Knitting Club over the weekend. I thought that I'd hate it, because even as someone who knits, I didn't really want to read about knitting. Plus, I'm kind of a renegade knitter (I taught myself), and so I don't read patterns. Hey, at least my scarves and blankets are now straight! Anyway...I actually ended up really enjoying the book, and would definitely recommend it!

-I am very proud of myself. I successfully found a used DVR that hadn't been stolen off eBay, hooked it up all by myself, and then did some troubleshooting all by myself. I even found the secret code you need to make our new remote work with our older DVR. The only bummer right now is that we only have one line in, which means I can't watch and record at the same time. Not sure if I can run the coaxial cable myself, or if I really need to pay Direct TV the $49 to do it. Depends on whether there's an open slot at the satellite or whether they have a multiswitch burried somewhere in our wall. Justin may be the handyman in the family, but I am definitely the one in charge when it comes to electronics. Thanks dad!

-Isn't it supposed to be fall? It was over 100 degrees here yesterday. No me gusta!

-I need to lay off the marshmellow and hot fudge sundaes and get to walking again. It has just been so stinking hot, and I am so stinking tired. We cancelled our gym memberships, and so I'm battling the fact that once I'm home, I'd rather sit on the couch. And have I mentioned how hot it is?! Still, I know I'm about to run the equivalent of a marathon here in a couple of months, and I know that I need to start doing something. Does walking around our big warehouse grocery store for an hour count? 'Cause it feels like it!

-I'm in a meal planning slump. Nothing sounds good to me right now.


  1. Good job with the DVR! It's like 42 degrees here and freezing, but supposed to be warm again by Thursday! I love the cooler weather, but am not ready for the SNOW we got yesterday.

  2. I am also in a meal planning slump...

  3. Sorry to hear about your sister's house. That is scary! xoxo

  4. No me gusta, indeed. It's getting cold as hell out here at night.

    I hate driving when the power's out. People are so stoopid usually; when anything goes wrong, it's all types of antics.

  5. I totally remember not wanting to eat anything and then getting frustrated that Tony couldn't just make me what I wanted to eat, even though the initial problem was that Tony can't cook and that I didn't know what I wanted to eat . . .

  6. Look at your Mrs. Electronics. I am impressed!

    And I agree about the fall weather. I can't wait for some cooler weather so I can finally enjoy wearing sweaters and sipping on warm drinks.

  7. Good job on the DVR! I'm into cubing chicken and cooking it in Worchestire (???) sauce and make fajitas...check out Kraft's website for easy and delicious meals.

  8. since it's hotter then a mofo down here too we've been doing smoothies and salads galore! try protein to pick up the "slump" you're having. :)

  9. Ohhh, good score on the DVR, I'm going to have to star this post and come back to it when I am purchasing and setting up all the new electronics at our new house. I'm still trying to figure out how big I want the tv and whether we should get flat screen plasma or LCD...*sigh* decisions decisions!


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