Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pregnancy Post: Week 22

Well, I am now either 5 or 6 months pregnant, depending on who you ask (some say you change at 22 weeks, and others at 23). I feel like so much has happened pregnancy wise lately between the nursery, and the new baby developments! Here are a couple of updates from the week:

-I am now definitely feeling movement, and Justin was even able to feel a kick or two the other day.

-Most people can tell that I'm definitely pregnant. Though I have to say that when people say "You're hardly showing!" I'm never quite sure whether that's meant to be a compliment, or what, because um, my stomach didn't look like this before. I am pretty obviously showing. On the other hand, I do appreciate the "You look great!" comments, which affirm that I am showing, but haven't totally ballooned yet. Although I feel like I have!

-I am enjoying being able to eat pretty much whatever, and not gain much weight, even with minimal exercise. This was NEVER the case pre-pregnancy. Since high school, I've had to work hard to stay at a reasonable weight. I better not get into the habit of this though! Let me tell you...I am hungry all the time. Especially for pizza. If pizza's on the table, I WILL eat pizza anytime.

-We've received some incredible gifts, including our first giraffe outfit, which Kaitlin thrust in my direction with an, "I'm sorry, but I HAD to!" By the way, I love it. I just didn't really want to go for a giraffe themed nursery! Lisa also sent me a belated birthday/early baby present in the form of an Old Navy gift card with the instructions to buy some maternity clothes, which I have ordered and can't wait to share. It was great timing because most of my regular shirts aren't long enough anymore. Also, Lisa knows me too well--the gift card was not in one of the "typical" amounts, and my total was exactly ten cents over the amount on the card. Perfect! Such blessings!

-Elizabeth is approximately the size of a papaya, or about 10-12 inches, and 12-20 ounces. She's also settling into a sleep pattern of about 12 hours a day. Luckily, she doesn't keep me up too much during the night at this point.

-Lastly, for the first time during the pregnancy, I really feel pretty good! I'm tired all the time, but what's new?!


  1. You do look fantastic. And I'm jealous of your ability to eat without gaining weight. Pregnancy is starting to sound better to me :)

  2. You look great! I just bought a ton of stuff online from Old Navy and browsed the maternity section. I was SO HAPPY to see longs and talls in their maternity line. Hopefully others will catch on and when my time eventually comes I will have no fears of walking around in highwaters for 9 months!

  3. I completely agree on the showing comments. When I was about 9 weeks along, one of my coworkers told me I was starting to look poochy. Ummm...I wasn't showing at all. So if I looked poochy then, I looked poochy pre-pregnancy. People are weird.

    And I think you look great. :)

  4. You are looking great! Isn't it so nice not to have anything planned once in awhile?!?! haha :-) Enjoy you're 2 free nights!

  5. Your child and I share the same sleep patterns. I will use this information to justify myself the next time someone calls me lazy.

    Looking good. And movement is badass. I feel I must say that, because no one else will. So. Yes. Badass.

  6. Good to know you'll eat pizza any time even when its NOT on the bagel! You look great!!!

  7. You look great-it was around 22-23 weeks for me when people could really tell I was pregnant too!
    I love the name Elizabeth- we threw that name around as a middle name for girl possibilities!

  8. Yeah! I am glad things are going better for you- you just sound happier.

  9. That is hilarious to hear it was .10 over what I sent you! Haha! :) I am excited to see what you got, and Elizabeth's giraffe outfit! :) (Lizzie?)


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