Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pregnancy Post: Week 23

First of all, in a non-pregnancy related announcement, don't forget that you have until Friday to Ask Justin Anything! You know you want to...

The theme of this week's pregnancy post is "Pictures and Confessions". I've got a bunch of pictures that are overdue, and also a bunch of pregnancy related confessions.

First up, the pictures:

An actual maternity t-shirt, courtesy of Lisa! In other news, the bump is back in an awkward two-bump/flat-bump/lumpy bump stage again. Still, definitely a bump!

Baby's first giraffe outfit, courtesy of Kaitlin!

One of the two baby blankets I'm working on. I don't know if you can really see the pattern, but I LOVE this stitch. It's absolutely my favorite.

A second baby blanket that I'm working on. It's a box-pattern. I totally over-estimated the number of stitches I'd need. It's going to be like an adult-size blanket!

Making nursery progress. Why can't I get a good picture of the dang color?!

Now on to the confessions aspect of things:

-I am eating waaaaayyyy more pizza than is healthy. I have to force myself to eat healthy at all.
-I am terrible about actually doing Kegels.
-I still kind of think it's a boy.
-The more I read, the more terrified I'm becoming about delivery and post-partum.
-Our house is pretty much a disaster. I just don't have the energy.

-Despite the fact that I'm feeling major kicking, every once in awhile, I'll freak myself out for no good reason. I'll realize it's been a couple of hours since I felt a kick, and drink a soda or something to make her kick. But then she won't for awhile, and I'll freak out. Then I will feel a kick, but then spend the next half hour trying to decide whether it was really a kick, or all in my head.

-This is probably a stupid question/concern, but with all the flipping around babies do in utero, I've always wondered why more babies don't have cord accidents in the womb. Is the umbilical cord being wrapped around a baby's neck not really a concern until it comes time for delivery? No one can ever really seem to answer this question, and it stresses me out for no good reason!


  1. Seriously. I second Emily -- it looks like the weight gain is ALL baby, even with all the pizza eating! Also, I LOVE, LOVE the stich on that pink blanket.

  2. Maybe it's the shirt, but you look like you've really popped. Adorable, girl!!

    I've never done Kegals...

    I'm not terrified of delivery, but I am terrified of postpartum and breastfeeding.

    The cord thing - actually, there are lots and lots and lots of babies born with the cord wrapped around their neck. The reason you don't hear a lot about it is because it's normally only wrapped around once and it's normally very loose, which means that even coming down the birth canal, there is still enough give in the cord for the baby to enter the world and not pull the cord tight. Also, in utero, I'm sure the cord can get wrapped around the neck (actually, I've heard of that being seen in u/s) but again, it's usually so loose that it really isn't an issue. ;)

  3. You look great!

    Love the giraffe outfit. It is freaking adorable.

    And I am really impressed with your knitting skills. A+!

    (I have done some reading about birth and postpartum- and I am totally freaked. Chris tells me to get a grip- we are not even pregnant yet! But yeah. I mean it can't be that bad- everyone still makes babies- over and over, right?

  4. Don't stress about postpartum and breastfeeding- trust me- it's wasted energy. I worried about it CONSTANTLY. I had all of the what-ifs in my head...and then ended up with a C-section. I just had to adapt and it all went fine! :)

  5. You look great and I absolutely love that wall color!

  6. Awh! Love the bump! I wish I could knit. I used to know how to crochet but never made anything substantial. I doubt I could even do it again.

  7. I was born with the cord wrapped around my neck. I turned out just fine (at least...I think). I understand your worries though. Everything will turn out fine!

    You are looking great. You seemed to have really "popped."

    P.S. I am so jealous of your knitting skills.

  8. I love all of the cute things you're doing!!! That's so exciting. You are also just looking great! When I'm pregnant, I'm going to be short and huge so it will look horrible! lol I wish I could knit! I'm so jealous.

    Also, don't worry... I work for a non-profit also and I have to pay for myself when we go out to eat as well! lol

  9. That pink blanket is going to look awesome in that room! Both of the stitches are great. And that shirt looks wonderful on you and your baby belly. I'm really glad you got to buy something for yourself!

  10. Emma was born with the cord around her neck and it came out fine. I kinda freaked out at first when they told me. I went in to be induced and as soon as the readings started comin up on the screen from my belly strip, the nurse said she thought the cord was around her neck. I was like "how the heck can you tell?!" Something with the squiggly lines I guess! lol But she said it was nothing to worry about because it was very loose and if it was tight they would be seeing signs of distress. Sure enough the nurse was right! They just cut it there right away and it was no problem. But I know what you mean, it is a scary thought!

  11. My brother was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, and he's fine. Well, he has a weird-ass heart condition, but that's unrelated.

  12. Check out my blog tomorrow afternoon...I'm leaving you an award!

  13. Emily said it best, but really you do look fabulous!

    Enjoy the pizza, don't feel guilty.

    About the kegels though, you do need to do them!

    Don't stress about labor and delivery, it will happen as it will. :) It's only the beginning of losing control!

  14. -You look so great!
    -Love love love the nursery color!
    -Kegels are overrated. (maybe because I had a c/s?)
    -I found that with delivery, breastfeeding, and postpartum, a little bit of ignorance is bliss. I think it's normal to be nervous about those things, but I found that the more I read, the more nervous I was. Obviously it's good to be prepared, but keep in mind that the doctors are there to coach you through EVERYTHING. If you went into labor having not taken a class or read much, you'll still do great and have a baby to show for it, I promise. Case in point: I went into labor not knowing/thinking I'd have a C/S. When they told me I had to have one, I was like "bring it on!"
    I wasn't scared one bit. But with the next baby, I have to have another c/s, and i'm absolutely terrified. Ignorance is bliss. =) Also, when the time comes, everything will flow; you'll know what to do.


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