Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Snippets

-In the biggest cop-out ever, the school board decided to defer the decision from yesterday's BQOTD about whether or not they would allow football players to be drug tested for at least two months. They will next discuss it when the football season is over. Agree or disagree with the testing, make a decision, and put your name on it. To be honest, I wouldn't have been nearly this irritated if they just would have voted not to allow the testing--I see the argument in that. However, I think the decision just not to address the issue until the season is over, is crap. No one wanted to take responsibility for their beliefs, apparently.

-We got a DVR from eBay....WOOOOOOOOOOO! I cannot wait until it arrives.

-I am absolutely exhausted. I think I've slept about 3 hours each night the past couple of nights due to allergies and just generally being uncomfortable. Consequently, I'm super emotional for no good reason. Some Benadryl or Tylenol PM is probably in order tonight.

-J has jury duty today, and I'm jealous. He always gets called--I would LOVE jury duty, but the only time I ever get called was the day before our wedding, which they nicely deferred. But then I never got called again. At least, not that that I know about....it's really bizarre, the court keeps sending the notices for jury duty to J's parent's house, even though we've changed our addresses twice with the DMV and post office. He's even changed his address on the postcard he has to send back to the court FOUR TIMES. But still, it goes to his parent's house, not ours. It's weird.


  1. I would love jury duty too! I got the notice to call once, but I would have had to go to selection right before our camping trip and buying the house. I deferred so they should send me another notice in February.

    I'm not so sure now that I think about it, since when we moved, we changed counties. Hmmm I may have to wait awhile more now!

  2. Matt got called for jury duty too but I never have!!! I think it would be interesting to go at least once.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only person who would LOVE to serve jury duty. I got called for state level jury duty right before my wedding, but since I would be moving out of state, I wouldn't have been eligible to serve. My father-in-law just got called, and is less than thrilled about it. I think jury duty is so important though, as its a time to help our government opporate, but also a time to act on our personal views and beliefs.

  4. Hah, what a total pussy.

    I'd also love to at least get called for jury duty (and be able to actually go, unlike the time I was called for jury duty and begged it off cuz I was in school). I'm sure the novelty would wear off after the first day or so of being bored off my ass.

  5. That sucks re: the testing. Totally agree it's a cop-out.

    You'll love the DVR. I always made fun of Tony before we were married re: it, until I started to use it. I always thought it was for people who were addicted to tv, instead it liberates your from the tv schedule!

    I hate allergies, although I have no doubt you hate them more.

    Tony always gets called as well.


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