Monday, September 14, 2009


-After almost a year, I finally have one room that has wood floors, transition strips, AND trim. I was going to wait until after we finished painting the nursery to bug J about the floors, but when he and Stump said they were planning to do it today, I wasn't about to tell them no! Who knows when it would have been done if I hadn't jumped while the iron was hot!

-The good news is that I get to go in late to work. The bad news is that I have to work until 8pm.

-A couple of my pictures of my bro's football game were featured on our local paper's website. It's a small victory for me! Now I just have to find a way to get paid to do it...

-A pair of pants that I bought off Ebay arrived. First of all, I'm excited about scoring a pair of long Gap pants for $20, but I'm also REALLY excited to have pants that fit!

-Speaking of clothes, I put away the rest of the clothes that won't fit for awhile and are out of season for my sister's consignment shop. I'm not gonna was 5 Space Bag's worth of stuff. Most of it was gym clothes--I still have sweats from high school! I think I'll probably have another bag here in a couple of months. It's actually nice to have fewer clothes, though I do need a few more maternity shirts.

-J and I have been making some big and difficult decisions lately about work, business, and where we're headed in the next year. And now that we've made some decisions, I feel totally at peace...which is crazy, because I thought that officially committing to some of these things would make me worry and stress even more.

-I am so ridiculously excited for the season premiere of Bones this week!!!

-I lost the eBay auction for a DVR. Sad day!


  1. You're doing better than me. I'm still missing transition pieces and quarter round three years later...

    Congrats on the photos! And jeans that fit! lol I'm also glad that you feel good with decisions you've made. When you can't see into the future and you're at peace with the direction you've decided to take, that's a really good feeling! (Especially relieving the weight of stress on your shoulders.)

  2. I know how you feel about the floors being hubs is off today and I'm thinking he might get a little work done on our bathroom that has been demo-ed for about 3 months...I miss my bathtub!!!

    Congrats on the pics!!!

  3. Commenting back at you. I did WW in the past and lost 25lbs in about 4 months. It really works if you follow it. I had to go to meetings though because I needed the accountability that they brought. They do have a nursing mom's one too. I think that they just add more points to you daily allowance since you do need more calories. Not sure of how they calculate it, but it's a question when you do it online.

  4. I am so glad that your big decisions are bringing you peace. I love that.

  5. Happy to hear that you're finding solutions to all of your uneasiness! Good luck with your hunt for a DVR - it's amazing.

  6. There are few things more depressing to me than losing eBay bids. And I spend every day reading about Nazism.

  7. I too am incredibly excited for the start of Bones (and the office!) My thursday nights just got waaaaay better!


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