Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So THAT'S when I'll use algebra!

I have to confess--I've never really enjoyed math. I always did okay in it, but it never came naturally to me, and it was the sort of thing that tended to go right back out of my brain as soon as the class or test was over. I am ALWAYS turning to Justin for even basic addition and multiplication. I just can't do it in my head.

I also never really bought the fact that I'd use things like algebra, calculus, and trig in real life. In fact, I never had until today...when I was trying to figure out what size my knitting needles were. Most of them are labeled, but these weren't.

So, I used a piece of yarn to measure the circumference, and then used the circumference to determine the diameter, and then converted that to milimeters, which gave me the approximate knitting needle size.

Who knew that algebra could be beneficial in knitting!?


  1. Nice! I am glad it came in handy. = )

  2. Wow! That was way over my head...I would have just called my mom!?!

  3. Good.. I’m glad you’re using it because I’m still thinking it was a waste of my time! Lol!

  4. Hehe. Awesome.

    I hate hate hated upper math until I got into astrophysics and realized, ah, shit, this is what this is all about, and it suddenly became very interesting to me. Unfortunately, by then it was my senior year in college and I was pretty much stuck a history major. But I wonder, sometimes, what might've been, had I discovered this interest/love for really hard science and an appreciation for the math that goes with it earlier. Perhaps I'd be at grad school for something entirely different.


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