Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Picture of the Day

So first, you'll have to excuse the disaster of a house going on in the background--we're still clearing a lot of stuff out and getting ready to make a major dump run. Anyway, if you could please divert your eyes to the lower half of the picture which is our cat, I would be eternally grateful!

I think our cat Bones has entered into a destructive teenage phase. Suddenly, she is attacking furniture, ripping sheets off the bed, and just generally being a pain. She especially likes to try and run through your legs while you're walking in an attempt to trip you. Or to climb up on you pretending she's being all nice and loving, only to suddenly start biting your chin. But last night, she was actually quite sweet. In this picture, she had crawled up onto the ottoman, under the blanket, and burrowed herself against J's leg for the whole time we were watching a DVR'ed episode of Lie to Me.


  1. Too cute! Cats are very sneaky animals! We have two cats and both are so strange... I'll have to try to snap a few pictures of them to show you guys..... They LOVE the shower, it's odd... I know!

  2. I keep forgetting you have a cat! I am really starting to want a puppy!! (But I don't want the obligation haha)

  3. How could that cute cat of yours be so destructive :) He's adorable, such a sweet face!


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