Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today Is Not My Day

Forgive the blurry camera phone picture.
I was SO, SO, SO excited to wear my new maternity pants from RG Maternity that are 36 inch inseam pants. Also, they were cords, which I have never owned because they were not long enough! It was the first freaking day wearing them, and they got stepped on, and look what happened.
I am going to try to ghetto sew them back together, but I am not very hopeful.


  1. You can get some stuff called Liquid Stitch :) Might wanna try that out before you try the "ghetto" way :) Sorry your pants got stepped on too! That is a big bummer! :(

  2. Oh no! Were the pants not stitched well? You could try to exchange them . . .

  3. Alright, I'm trying to picture which part of the pants they are and...I'm just not getting it. I HATE when you find clothes that fit really well and then something like that happens. I hope you get them fixed.

  4. Awww, what a shame! I did that to a skirt the other day, well it didn't get stepped on by someone's bag caught it and it ripped...right up the back! Thankfull it came down to my knees and only ripped a few inches on the bottom...otherwise we would have had a serious problem!

  5. I would try to send them back - a brand new pair of pants should not tear that easily - especially if you have yet to wash and dry them.

  6. Lame. Least you get some grunge street cred out of it.


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