Friday, October 31, 2008

Win and Loss, in the span of 15 minutes.

So, Kev's team won their game tonight, which left a 3-way tie for first place in the conference. The top two teams would be determined by a coin toss, and would then move on to the playoffs. The coin toss was supposed to happen tomorrow. But in a turn of events, the coin toss instead happened this past Monday--the Monday before the game tonight. Here's where this all gets sticky.

You've got Team 1 (Kev's team), Team 2, and Team 3. Here's the breakdown of the match-ups:
Team 1 vs Team 2 = Team 1 by a landslide.
Team 3 vs. Team 1= Team 3 by a landslide.

So tonight, Team 3 played Team 2. Everyone was expecting Team 3 to win by a landslide. That would have put Team 3 in first place, and Team 1 in second place. Both would have gone on to the playoffs. Instead, in a HUGE shocker, Team 2 beat Team 3, which left a 3 way tie for 1st.

As I mentioned before, the coin toss to determine who would go on to the playoffs IF this situation happened occurred this past Monday. Team 2 won 1st, and Team 3 won second place. So, as of Monday, Team 3 knew that they were guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. There is now quite a bit of talk that Team 3 intentionally threw the game tonight, allowing Team 2 into the playoffs rather than Team 1.Both Team 2 and Team 3 coaches are notorious in this area for trying to pay off refs, illegally recruiting players from other teams (we're talking HS football here), so I would be disappointed, but not surprised if this were true.

It just seems really odd to do a preemptive coin toss for a theoretical situation. And it gives a lot of temptation for shady behavior. I wish they would have done it tomorrow instead. Actually though, the coin toss at all is pretty crappy. No matter what, someone was getting screwed.

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  1. Augh, that is just terrible. I'm so sorry there's such shady doings going on, or at the very least I wish your bro's team's coin toss would have been more lucky. :(


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