Monday, October 27, 2008

Es por eso que debo decir...

Tonight after band practice, Ryan and Renee (for those not in the know, Ryan is Justin's brother, and Renee, his wife, has become one of my best friends) called up and asked if I'd do some family pictures for them like I did for Kelsey a few weeks ago. They said that they've gone to Wal-Mart in the past to that little mini photo studio that's set up, and it's always been over $100, and were wondering what I'd charge. Um, you buy the film and I'll do them for free! Basically, they want some family shots, some individual shots of their kids, and some shots of the two of them.

I've taken pictures of their kids a million times, and always have a blast. It's usually impromptu, informal Sunday afternoon shots (see pictures at the beginning of the post), and I'll take a roll or two and maybe get 5-10 really good ones out of the bunch--with shooting kids I get a LOT of sudden running/jumping/odd face making. Another reason that I'm dying to eventually have a digital SLR camera. But, anyway...what I'm trying to say is that they've always been totally no-pressure. This time, there's a little more pressure to deliver. But, I'm learning more every time, and I'm thinking that I can definitely deliver.

I suggested to Renee that maybe we can do the pictures over the course of a couple of days/weekends. Maybe do the family pictures one day, the kid portraits another, and her and Ryan yet a different day. I just remember that the last time we did WHOLE family portraits, the kids wore out pretty quickly. But then again, they're more familiar with me sticking a camera in their face all the time, so they might roll with it longer than I'm expecting.

Anyway, this is kind of a blast. The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking that it would be a WHOLE lot of fun to do photography full time. I just don't know that I'm quite "there" yet. I'd love to take a few more classes, but for some reason they're all smack dab in the middle of the day.


  1. I have been feeling the same way lately. Being a photographer would seriously be a dream job. But I also feel like sometimes I am so on and other times I am just a waste of space haha. But why not put together a portfolio and see how it goes?? It can be a part time gig for awhile until you make a name for yourself, make time for some classes, buy a kick ass camera etc. :=) Suerte!

    Also, those two pictures of the kids are SO SO cute.

  2. I always love your pictures Mere :) Some of my favorite wedding pictures are ones that you took! I am sure you are "there":)


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