Monday, October 13, 2008

Columbus Strikes Again

Could I just tell you that I DESPISE all things Columbus (save for Old Navy's $14.92 sale)? Let me tell you a little bit about why. My senior year in high school, I was entering into Spanish 4. I was VERY excited because after my boot-camp of a Spanish 3 class, I was finally understanding and speaking fairly well. Additionally, I knew that I was probably going to be in a Spanish-Immersion dorm in college, and was just excited to learn. And then we got our syllabus. We spent the ENTIRE FREAKING YEAR reading "El diario de Cristobal Colon." Yes, that's "The Diary of Christopher Columbus." It was terrible.

We seriously didn't do anything in the class other than read the book and write book reports. I don't think we conversed in Spanish the entire year, and consequently I lost a lot of my ability and a lot of my confidence. To this day, I do more listening than speaking when it comes to Spanish. And I have HATED Cristobal Colon ever since.

My intense hatred for him grew even more today when I realized that it is an effing bank holiday, and we will NOT be hearing about the house after all. 48 hours has turned into almost a week.

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  1. Too freaking funny, I didn't realize the man was out to get you, but surely he is!


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