Friday, October 31, 2008

But Wait, There's More.

Yes, it's after 1am. I am so absolutely irate, crushed, pissed, frustrated, etc. Again, Justin doesn't deserve these emotions (except maybe the frustration), but I have to vent somewhere or I'm never going to sleep tonight. Justin got home not too long ago, and informed me that he will not be going to Washington next week. No, instead, he will be going during one of the following weeks:

1. November 10th. Remember me writing about how excited I was to go up North and see a comedian on the 13th with Ryan and Renee? Yeah. Did I also mention that the tickets are already paid for, and are in Justin's name and only he can pick them up? Seriously, we never go on dates. We never do ANYTHING as a couple. And now I'm remembering why...because any time we have plans to do anything of that nature Justin ends up having to work, and I'm crushed. And pissed. Really pissed in this case. Even if we could pick up the tickets, I'm still not sure whether or not I'd go. I don't know anyone that could take Justin's ticket, and I don't even like this comedian. I only suggested it because I know Justin loves him. Still, I was getting really excited about going with the three of them, and it's something that I'd really been looking forward to.

2. November 17th. Why yes, that IS the day that we're supposed to close on our house. Yes, there's a per diem penalty for closing late. Even if Justin were able to go up after the closing on Monday, that would leave me to do all the moving and such all by myself. I'm totally not even excited about the house anymore right now.

Or HEY...why don't we just push it back one MORE week and send him over Thanksgiving? Rant over. For now.

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  1. I think Thanksgiving is the best choice. Then you could host the entire family at your place without any help at all. Sounds good.


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