Monday, October 20, 2008

Inspection Update

I've been trying to actually socialize with my husband at night rather than sit on the computer blogging and reading blogs. However, he sat down to play Ghost Recon as soon as we got home (and is now singing "Heeeeeaaaadddddd Shhhhhhoooootttttttt!" in some strange opera voice), so I think the computer is fair game tonight.

Our inspection went fairly well. It was great to talk with Dean, and hear about his daughter (my age, she and I went to school together). My dad came with, Justin was able to get off early and make it there about an hour in, and then my mom brought us drinks towards the end. There's nothing major wrong with the house, but Dean isn't sure whether or not the FHA appraisal people will okay the carpet. Everyone was pretty shocked by the carpet, but they all seemed to think it just needed to be cleaned. Little did they know, it's already been cleaned. They should have seen it the first time we looked at the house. Gag me. The carpet definitely needs to go, but we could probably live with it for a little while (i.e. until we receive our tax return and the subsequent $7500 tax credit for buying a house). Dean told us that the FHA inspectors can sometimes be a little more strict, and sometimes demand new carpet in order to finance, especially when there are some holes in the carpet, as there are in this house (you can see where the dogs tried to "dig" at the doors). He said one of the inspectors is pretty relaxed, and will let most things pass. The others really tend to go by the book.

I'd love it if our lender required new carpet and the bank that owns the house agreed to pay for it. That way, we wouldn't feel like we needed to do wood floors right away, and I wouldn't have to worry about all the animal fur and my allergies. However, I'm not sure that the selling bank would agree to replace the carpet--which is silly because pretty much anyone buying this house will probably be trying to use FHA. So they should just do what the FHA people say. I just hope that they don't let the deal drop over some stupid carpet. But they might.

Also, the "landscaping" is really pretty laughable. We found all sorts of crap in the backyard--cardboard boxes, swimming toys that had half-dissolved, many "blue tarps" that were now disinegrated into blue string, etc. What's more, I hear the land underneath the hay/grass is clay. BLECH. I'm thinking we'll just bring in some topsoil and cover everything.

But the carpet. It's gonna come down to the carpet.

Consequently, I'm trying not to let myself imagine living room furniture placement and plan the bedroom/bath themes TOO much. I can already tell that's going to be a feat in and of itself. My mom and I agree on how we'd both arrange the living room. Justin wants another random arrangement that my mother and I both think would be the world's WORST and most impractical living room arrangement. We also disagree about the china hutch. Justin wants it, and I don''s that for role reversal?

As much as Justin is a manly man, I can tell that his mother instilled SOME decorating tips in him. For example, I didn't really particularly want a bed skirt on our bed. To me, it's just another piece of fabric that things I'm allergic to live in. Justin threw a hissy fit and demanded a bed skirt because it makes the room look "elegant." Well, it would if it weren't for all of the dirty clothes on the floor.

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