Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So I'm approaching one full week of just feeling "blah"--my stomach hurts, and I'm a little bit nauseous. Nothing major, but enough to interfere with day-to-day living. I've pretty much been living on bread and honey butter for the last week. My darling husband made me some macaroni tonight, which was delicious, but still almost too much.

Over the weekend, I almost bought a HPT to test just in case because I RARELY feel like I'm going to puke, and I have all week. And if I were preggo, I'd certainly like to know before we go about buying a house. However, as my friends could probably tell you, it's not unusual for me to be *certain* that I'm pregnant when I'm not. And after hearing my mother in law and sister in law both discussing the same symptoms, I think it's probably a combination of a little bug going around and stress.

Speaking of stress, still no official word about the house. We did receive a structural inspection and termite inspection from the bank. No sign of termites. There was one small water stain in the crawl space, but it looks like it was from years ago and that it's been fixed. I hear that this is the last step before accepting. Our realtor said that there were no new offers over the weekend, and that we're still in the top slot as far as he can tell.

I think I'm sort of at the place where if we get the house, that's great and we'll roll with it. However, if we don't, we may simmer down for awhile and try to have a bit more in savings before we pursue putting an offer on a different house. That's the one thing I do wish we had.

Justin's work is putting a bid on a casino in California. It would mean him being gone three days and then home for four (still working two of those days). But he would be allowed to plumb, and would be making significantly more per hour. Basically, it would be an awesome opportunity for him. It would SUCK for me, but I guess I'll learn to deal. Besides, this is just speculation at this point--they haven't even won the job yet. It is interesting though because typically his company doesn't bid out of state because they don't need to.

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  1. Hilarious--not that you're feeling bad or that you are stressed out--but that I was going to comment that you had to be pregnant based on your symptoms just because I knew you would already be thinking that and then it would freak you out, haha. Then I moved on to paragraph two, and well...you stole my thunder. I hope you feel better!


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