Thursday, October 23, 2008

Forget what a day...what a week!

It has been a bad couple of days at work lately, including hearing about a kiddo that almost died. I am just really needing a vacation, and seriously looking forward to seeing Jeff Dunham in a couple of weeks. Followed by a 5-day weekend on Thanksgiving. That is going to be a serious blessing for me. Please pray for me, and for my strength until then!

I can tell that I'm starting to get too stressed when being admitted to the hospital sounds like a vacation. I heard that a family friend was admitted today, and my first thought was "Actually, that would be kind of nice right now. I'd like to sleep all day and watch TV." I know, I'm a terrible person. Sometimes, my job can just be a little overwhelming. Like I said, next month is going to be a blessing for me! Anyway, only one more day of work this week, and then a 3-day weekend!

Adding to the misery, I got allergy shots today. No fun.

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  1. The Holidays are almost here! Sounds like you'll be getting some much needed R&R. Until then, take deep breaths!!


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