Thursday, October 2, 2008


I'm feeling random today. Here are a few random thoughts.

1. Fridays are normally very relaxed and chill at work. However, tomorrow I have to go to a boring boring seminar about legislative changes. From 10am-3pm. Boo. However, I am REALLY looking forward to going to watch my "little" brother play football tomorrow. I am also hoping that Ryan and Renee can find a babysitter so that they can come with.

2. Normally, I hate the rain. It drives my allergies nuts. However, today was the first real rain of the season, and I have to admit that everything smells so crisp and clean. I enjoyed it a little bit, even if it did make my hair frizz.

3. My nephew Logan (almost 2) is starting to say "Mere-Mere" really clearly. It melts my heart every time. There's nothing better than having a little kid yell your name, and run up to give you a hug. Okay, maybe him falling asleep on me is a little better. Also, Payton (almost 4) just came up and said, "Hi Mere-Mere, how are you?" I told her that I was very good, and she responded, "Oh, I'm glad! I was just checking! I love you!" So sweet. I've got a serious case of baby fever today.

4. I am TIRED. I feel like we've been going and going non-stop lately. I am really cherishing just having a moment to sit, and update my blog while sitting at church, listening to Justin's band practice, and watching Payton and Logan run around playing.

5. I know that most people are really freaked out about the state of the economy right now. However, it's proven to be VERY good for us in terms of house hunting. Foreclosures are coming back on the market much faster than they did previously, and are listed much lower than they were even a week ago. For example, The Cross House is a 2bed, 2bath house listed at 173,000. It is NOT a foreclosure. The house next door to the Cross House just came back on the market after being foreclosed on, and it is a 3bed, 2bath listed at 150,000. I struggle with this a bit because I hate taking advantage of the misfortune of others, but this is also a wonderful opportunity for us.

6. I am freezing. It's 63 degrees. I'm a wuss, I know.

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