Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Lusting After...

After discovering Old Navy's Tall section and seriously cleaning out my closet (two bags to Goodwill, at least 1-2 more to go!), I'm lusting after some new winter basics from ON. Both of these are $15, and both fleece, and both from the TALL section. Which means I might actually own fleece pants that I wouldn't have to roll up into capris...which is kind of silly with fleece. Purchasing these pants would allow me to give at least 3 pairs of black fleece pants that I tried to convince myself we're long enough (they aren't) to Goodwill. And I'm loving this blue color for winter!

I'm also in the market for a new pair of jeans. I only have two pairs that fit me well right now AND that are long enough. I probably gave 15 pairs of jeans away to Goodwill that either didn't fit or I don't wear 'cause they're not long enough. Anyway, I LOVE Gap's Long & Lean jeans, but I really want a dark wash and they don't seem to make them in a dark wash anymore. I can hardly bring myself to shell out $58 for jeans, so Sevens, or anything of that nature is out of the question. I found long jeans from target online and levi's online, but I hate not being able to try jeans on before I buy. No good.

In other news, there have been some serious sirens for like the past 30 minutes. I hate that when I'm home alone, and hate it even more when I don't have a phone.


  1. You should check GAP and ON online. There is a good chance that they will have washes they don't carry in all stores...and you can return things if they don't fit, and you just lose shipping costs. Luckily though, if you spend over a certain amount on ON you get shipping free ($75 maybe?).

  2. Speaking of fleece pants...didn't I acquire two pairs from you some years ago? Man those were my very favorites...I gave one pair to Jackie and the other pair was stolen from a softball clinic. I was devastated by the loss!! They are the best!


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