Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I did the 30-day shred DVD on Monday, and good lord, my quads are screaming today! I know that's a good thing, but MAN. I'm scheduled to do it again tonight...we'll see if I even make it through!

Speaking of working out, I have some fun news about my little brother and football (howdja like THAT segway?!). ThisEmail from my dad:

Well, the photographer [from the local paper] was at the football practice and this time he was taking pictures of just Kevin... Had him do several poses with and without his helmet. Not exactly sure what this is all about.....

In an unrelated incident ( I think), there was this old guy hanging around the field today. Coach introduced him as an ex-quarterback who had played football in the 30's with my Uncle Ken and your Grandpa. After Coach had introduced him, he said "I didn't come here to be introduced, I just wanted to see the [my maiden name here] kid that was in the paper and see if he's as big as his grandfather and his brother." The whole team laughed and he asked Kevin to stand up. When Kevin did, he said "Yep, you're as big as your Grandfather and as tough as his brother". He shook Kevin's hand and then left...
This whole thing is just exciting, and I'm totally like a mama bear about this--I am at ALL of Kevin's home games and brag about him all the time. People think I'm silly because it's "just" high school football, but it's a really big deal to Kev. Football was always hard for him growing up because he had to play up so many grades to make the height and weight requirements of pop-warner. As a third grader, he was playing on the fifth grade team. Because he was so young, he didn't get to play a lot. So now, it's awesome that he's been pegged "the one to watch", and he's not even playing HIS position right now due to injuries from other players. Plus, Kev had to sit through COUNTLESS basketball games, trips to Portland to play basketball, and basketball meetings at our house. I figure the least I can do is support him a little bit now. I am so excited for him! I'm even excited for all the fancy pre-game meals he gets even though we definitely did NOT get the same treatment on the girl's basketball team!

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  1. Aww, Mere that's awesome! I was just the same with my little bro and soccer.

    That story of the former teammate coming by is so special. Definitely a story to remember!


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