Friday, October 31, 2008


So, today was a good day in that I got off work at 2pm, and got to come home and sleep off part of my migraine before Kev's game tonight. I'm popping Epidren to try and make it to the game. Not only is it an important game for the team, but my aunt and uncle are coming from Portland to watch, AND it's my high school versus Justin's high school.

Apparently the house appraisal happened this week. I don't really know anything because our lender sucks. She was great at first, but has stopped returning our calls. Our agent has to call and make her promise that she'll call us in order to get a call, and she never has time to explain anything to us. We know that the appraisal came in for less than expected, but don't know what that will mean for us in terms of closing. Whether we went with an FHA loan or regular loan was also pending the appraisal. Here's the scoop: we offered $160,000 for the house. BUT with the FHA loan, there's a fee that's rolled into closing costs, which would put our loan at $163,000. However, the house appraised at $161,000. I'm not sure that I want to be having a loan that's more than the property is appraised for. But our stupid lender doesn't seem to want to listen to our concerns.

She keeps sending us emails saying only "You'll need 1500 for closing." When we ask if that's AFTER our earnest money is applied, she doesn't respond. We also don't know if that figure includes things that are factored into closing costs, but we've already paid for, like the inspection.

I really want to fire this stupid lender, but with closing two weeks away, I think it might be too late. I just hate going into this not understanding what's going on. Anyway, Justin is calling right now to see if we can come into her office on Monday and meet. We need to go over this all line by line.

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  1. Mer - what a mess! I'd be beyond frustrated as well! FWIW, I think $2K is reasonable, especially with how much you like the house. I'd venture to guess that our house based on the market now is probably $15-20K less than what we're paying for.


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