Thursday, October 9, 2008


One of my lovely, adorable, precious little nieces turned three today. I called her to tell her happy birthday, and the following conversation ensued:

Niece (Hereafter known as "S"): Hi Mere-Mere! Where are you going?
Me: Hi S! Um, I'm not going anywhere...
S: You are staying at home tonight?
Me: Yes, Justin and I are staying at home tonight. I was calling to tell you happy birthday!
S: I am three.
Me: I know! You are getting so big! What did you do today?
S: Grandpa and Margaret.
Me: Your Grandpa and Margaret are there with you? That's great! What presents did you get for your birthday?
S: Paper.
Me (slightly confused): Paper? To draw on?
S: Ummmmm....I would like more paper. And I am a size 4T. It's big, but I'll grow into it. Okay, I gotta go...right be back! Love you Mere-Mere! are funny. And it really brightened up my dreary work day. Seriously. I spent half the day at the university I graduated from recruiting interns at an internship fair. There were probably 5 students that came through the fair in the entire half a day. Waste of time. Then I got back to the office, and found out about MULTIPLE kids that have been abused in their foster homes this week. Breaks my heart. And there was lots of other awful things that occurred today that I can't even discuss due to confidentiality.

Justin's dad called and wants us to go to some "service" tonight. I have no idea what it is or what it's about. I wish they'd give us more notice.

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