Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What a day.

Seriously. I JUST walked in the door from work. It's been quite a day. I was hung up on by like 4 different supervisors at child welfare. We disagree. Their solution is to hang up on me rather than to discuss why our points of view are different. It's bullshit. At least we cracked open a bottle of wine at about 5:40 pm.

Today's love dare was to buy your spouse something that demonstrated that you were thinking of them today. I got the new "The Hulk" for Justin. I knew he had been looking forward to seeing it, and he hadn't bought it already which is totally unusual for Justin. He buys movies ALL THE TIME.

Justin bought me a gift pack from bath and body works of warm vanilla sugar lotion, body wash, and spray. Warm vanilla sugar is my FAVORITE, and I'm impressed. Seriously, the love dare is awesome. I know you aren't supposed to do it together, but it's been great for us. When we discuss the day, I discover things that Justin has done in an attempt to be nice that I would never suspect. Yesterday, when we discussed our attempts to be kind to each other, Justin said that his act of kindness was not using my towel after he got out of the shower. Which is something that I HATE. It's a no brainer to me, but it was something that Justin really thought about as an intentional way to be nice. So it's nice to hear those things so that I can recognize them. Really though, it's great. I woke up this morning, and all the dishes were done. That NEVER happens. I am loving my husband right now.


  1. What a sweetie you have! I love that B&BW scent too.

  2. Wow. I'm impressed you managed to wait until 5:40. Seriously.

    The love dare sounds awesome. i had to laugh about the towel, there would definitely be little things like that happening in our house as well!

  3. Love the towel thing :) I can't wait til I can see this movie, and when Jesse gets home I want to do the love dare too!


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